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What is this Midlife Moxie TM?

Good question!

When we talk about finding your MIDLIFE MOXIE, we are talking about finding yourself,

your best and truest self. Think of it as getting your groove on for this season of life!

Women often enter middle age and feel lost and confused. Some of the labels that have

defined us no longer fit like they once did, and that is an odd feeling.

Many women spend years defined as a mother. Once our children are grown, that label

does no longer defines our primary existence. When we are no longer parenting daily,

we can feel a loss of purpose. A large part of our schedule has been determined by

children and their activities, and our children even determined much of our social circle.

Where will our new friends come from? What will we do with our time?

Some of us have long been defined by careers. Often, those careers were chosen

decades ago, when we were mere children. We may be longing for a change of career,

or a new direction. That career may no longer fit with who we are or the life we wish to

live. Perhaps the schedule no longer works for us. And for some of us, retirement is

coming sooner rather than later, and we need to decide how we will spend those

precious years.

By midlife, many of us have experienced loss, loss of a spouse to divorce or death, loss

of a parent, loss of a job, loss of financial stability, loss of our health. Those losses can

cause us to take on new labels. They can take a toll. They can drive us into a loss of

vitality and lust for life. We have to get that back and live out our lives in the best

possible ways.

And many women have taken on the role of caring for aging parents or young

grandchildren, which is certainly a change in dynamics. Those roles can be unexpected

and something we didn't have on our vision boards when we were young.

We have to take the time to answer some questions...

Who are we?

What do we want?

How do we wish to live out the second half of our lives?

How will we define ourselves?

What do we want to be now that we are grown up?

It's time to decide. And when you step into those new roles, new labels, and the second

half of your life as you want it to be, you have found your moxie.

Does that mean everything is as you have planned or imagined? Of course not! But it

does mean that you are making the best of what is available to you. You are making

choices, not just floating along like a boat without oars. Perhaps you are reconnecting

with your little girl dreams, or pursuing new ones. Maybe you are returning to an old

passion. Maybe you have discovered a new one. Those choices are yours. This is

about finding the real you.

So, where do you start? Here are some ideas:

~Journal about your thoughts and dreams

~Explore some new things and see how they feel

~Stop using phrases like "I'm too old" or "it's too late"

~Pay attention to what truly brings your joy and when you are the happiest

~Make a list of your responsibilities in this season, giving careful attention to things that

are NOT your responsibility

~Learn to say no to opportunities that do not fit who you are in this season

~Evaluate your schedule and commitments to see if they align with your current goals

and purpose

~Allow yourself to dream, reconnect to that part of yourself that says "what if?"

You have a life to make the most of, so let's go. Let's find your MOXIE!

Gail Scott ~ Midlife MoxieTM Co-Owner

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