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Gosh, I hate to be Debbie-Downer, but I am not a fan of the upcoming "holiday". Here are my top reasons why:

1) Do you really need a holiday to focus on romance? If so, you've got it all wrong.

2) Buying me a gift on VD means very little. Any person can remember to pick up something when reminders are plastered everywhere. A guy invented this day, didn't he?

3) Holidays like this often make people feel alone, left out, less than. THAT IS NOT OKAY.

4) Kids celebrating a romantic holiday in elementary school; isn't that a setup for future disappointment? The "Prince Charming" mentality that we teach our girls needs to go!

5) Valentine's decor is often T A C K Y.

Come on, paper heart-shaped doilies? Hearts? Help me.

6) Overcrowded, overpriced meals are not my jam.

Everyone goes out, so we stay home.

7) Love is not about a day. It is about EVERY day, and what happens in the small moments.

8) Heart-shaped candy tastes the same as regularly shaped candy; whom are we kidding? It has the same amount of calories too.

9) Ah, those school dances where parents are pressured to spend hundreds on a dress or tux, then add in dinner, limo, and flowers. Why??? Is that even fun? It wasn't really for me. I usually went with a guy friend who didn't have a date either.

10) It's often just a day of disappointment.

The pressure for romance is high, and that is not always in the cards. How many times have you been disappointed?

11) Wasted money. You can do the math.

12) Bragging.

If you are even thinking about posting whatever the hubs/significant other gets you, please reconsider.

We don't care.

So, there it is, how I, Gail, really feel.

And this in no way reflects Christina's feelings, ha-ha. But, we can turn this around and show some love to those around us, all of those around us.

Who will you reach out to and remind them that they are important to you?

The MIDLIFE MOXIE girls love you and we are glad that you are here.

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