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A Message to Millennials

Dear Millennials, please don't just give us your scraps.

Hear me out; I have some thoughts that have been on my mind for a while.

As Genxers and Boomers, we realize that you Millennials are now the generation building careers and families. We've been there. But, things were very different back then. We see you embracing friends as family. And we are proud of you for taking on a bigger worldview than what we had.

Here is where things get tricky.

We feel left out. We miss you. We are lonely.

Some of you traded in the family holiday meal for Friends giving, that hurt. With your busy schedule, you may not have prioritized a holiday trek to grandma's house and we missed you. Some of you have forgotten our birthdays as if we no longer matter.

Back in our 20s and 30s, these things didn't happen. The nuclear family was everything. We never dared not show up for the holiday meal. No one needed to call to see if we were attending. There were no discussions about where or when the event would be, it was always the same. I know all of this may sound very boring. But I now realize the comfort and security these holiday events provided to me as a child, and to you while you were growing up. I know what it continues to mean to my elders.

We are happy for your expanded relationships, your vast interests, and your amazing careers, but they seem to have come at a cost, and that cost is often us, your closest family.

We are asking that you reconsider and not let this happen. There has long been an order to things. We see that order breaking down and it saddens us.

Will we be the forgotten generation?

Will the family gatherings continue, will the traditions be passed down?

Will we be a priority to you in our old age?

Can we compromise? Can we find ways to make it all work? We want to give you the freedom to live in the world you are building, but still have you connected to us. We don't want to nag or beg. The anticipation of your arrival is exciting. Preparing your favorite dish is a joy. We've long dreamed of this life season when you return home with spouses and children. We've envisioned hosting the big family event and welcoming new family members into our world. It's important to us and we are willing to be flexible to make it work, but...

...please don't just give us your scraps, we need you to make us a priority.

Gail Scott ~ Midlife MoxieTM Co-Owner

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