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  I'm one of the creators of the MIDLIFE MOXIE

  I have been in the people and beauty industry for 13 years. My

Gail Scott

Christina Massey


podcast, and

co-founder of a new community where 

are dedicated to supporting women in 

making the middle part of their lives one of the best season of their lives. We know that women often struggle during this season. Getting older, empty nesting, hormonal changes, societal expectations and labels, all come together to bring us to an interesting intersection in our lives. 

main focus has always been helping

women look good and feel great while

reaching their best and highest self. Recently that has taken a turn in another direction "midlife!" I'm one half of the new podcast Midlife Moxie! Our podcast was birthed out of our midlife struggles: empty nest, sandwich generation, and many others like fashion, beauty, and fitness. We wanted to create a space where women could come and hear that they are not alone. We are looking forward to growing a community and disrupting the bad hype around "midlife". Midlife is going to be your best life. 

Some women rally and others feel depleted and forgotten. We want to help midlife women to find their own MOXIE.

Personally, it's been an interesting season so far. No one really told me the full story on menopause (I thought I might bleed to death), or that launching kids would be very complicated. Or that friendships would change and my daily priorities would totally be revamped. It has been a lot of change and a lot to think about. I mean, what do I want the rest of my life to look like? Heck, what do I want my daily life to look like?

I'm figuring that out and plan to be writing about the journey here. Hope you will join me!

Midlife can be the best part of your life when you choose to surround yourself with women who believe the same. 

Xoxo, Christina



Xoxo, Gail

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